Join Mike Svac, Tim Kane & Doris Donley on September 30th for a Webinar on the Sport of Blind Hockey

On September 30, Join USA Blind Hockey Head Coach and Illinois native, Mike Svac, Team Captain Tim Kane and Rep. Doris Donley for a webinar on the sport of Blind Hockey as part of USABA’s National Blind Sports Week presented by Healthy Vision Association.

NOTES FROM USABA.ORG: National Blind Sports Week is a celebration across the U.S. showcasing the abilities, opportunities and awareness of sports for the blind.

Join the United States Association of Blind Athletes for National Blind Sports Week (Sept. 28-Oct. 3), a six-day virtual experience focused on participation and awareness of sports and opportunities available to athletes who are blind and visually impaired. The week culminates with the 3rd annual National Blind Sports Day on Saturday, Oct. 3.

National Blind Sports Week celebrates the abilities of and opportunities available to Americans with visual impairments and increases awareness of sports for the blind. This year, to bring our members the best resources within the blindness community, USABA will also be partnering with other national blindness organizations for our virtual programming experience.

Each day during the week USABA will host two virtual webinars and two Facebook Live experiences for athletes who are blind and visually impaired as well as their peers. Topics will be focused on sports and resources ranging from goalball to soccer and more, and presenters will be experts in their field, including national blindness organizations and Paralympic medalists from a wide variety of sports.

Then, on National Blind Sports Day on Saturday, Oct. 3, USABA and partnering organizations across the U.S. will host both virtual and, if safe, in-person experiences.

“Now entering the third year of this fantastic event, we are excited to expand the rich and rewarding experience of National Blind Sports Day to an entire week of immersive activities,” said USABA CEO Molly Quinn. “Recognizing that this year is like no other before it, we are hard at work putting together an amazing schedule of virtual experiences with world-class athletes, coaches and organizations. There will be something for everybody to get involved with during the week-long celebration.”

For the past two years, USABA has hosted National Blind Sports Day at sites across the United States with 1,360 individuals across 68 events exposed to and involved in blind sports programs. Sport and fitness have the power to provide people who are blind and visually impaired with the framework to set goals, build a work ethic and live a healthier lifestyle.

For more information on how to participate in National Blind Sports Week, either as an event host or as a participant, please contact USABA Programs Manager Cat Bouwkamp at or (719) 866-3210, or visit the National Blind Sports Week event page on Facebook.

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